Carlos State Park Open

by Echo Press

Lake Carlos State Park will remain open during a special resource management deer hunt from November 7-10 but visitors are advised to wear blaze orange if they visit while the hunt is in progress.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Parks and Trails annually holds several special deer hunts to manage the deer population.
“Deer are part of the natural communities that we seek to preserve or restore in the Minnesota State Park system,” said Ed Quinn, resource management coordinator for Minnesota State Parks. “When deer populations in an area become too high, however, they can have significant negative impacts on native plant and animal communities. While park closures or restrictions might be a temporary inconvenience to our visitors, it ensures that a safe environment is maintained and helps us to keep our natural communities – like pine forests – healthy.”
A total of 35 Minnesota state parks will hold special resource management deer hunts this fall, and access to visitors will vary around the state during the special hunts.
A total of 21 of the 35 parks will remain open to all visitors; five will have limited public access; and eight will be closed to the public.
Detailed information on access to Minnesota state parks during the special deer hunts is available online at



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