There is a reason Minnesota has been voted the “Best Trails State”.  There is also a good reason we’re the second most popular biking destination in the country and one of the most bike friendly states in the union. We have 30-plus state and regional paved 14-foot wide bike trails stretching over 700 miles from one corner of the state to the other ranging in length from six miles to 130 miles...
Rivers are arteries of history. The Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway a good way of experiencing that history. My sister, Annie, and I mapped out a eight-mile bike tour through 200 years of Minnesota history near the Mississippi River between Minnehaha Falls and Mendota visiting six historic sites.
  Riding Horses Along Tatanka Bluffs    by Dave Simpkins Trails Editor/Publisher
   It was one of those perfect Minnesota spring days, lush green leaves on the trees, brilliant blue sky and a slight breeze cooling the 65-degree air.             According to lobbyist, Judy Erickson, the last day of the 2008 legislature was a perfect day to pass a last minute $20 million appropriation bill to establish Lake Vermilion State Park.
Park and river groups along the St. Croix River have some ideas of how you and your family can get out and enjoy the river this summer.
The new State and Regional Parks and Trails Legacy Plan is out for citizen comment and beginning Thursday, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will conduct public meetings around the state.


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