st. croix river

Trails Q&A: Browns Creek Trail.
  Name: Rochelle Brodin From: Scandia, MN Seen: Biking the newly opened Brown's Creek State Trail into Stillwater. Gear: Specialized Globe Sport Bike. Best Trail Experience: The kindness of strangers who helped me out when I got caught in a severe thunderstorm. Worst Trail Experience: Selfish race type bikers who come up behind me and pass without warning at high speeds.
It was hot and sunny and still and quiet at Afton State Park last Sunday. People wandered the park alone or in small groups, largely along the St. Croix River. There were runners and anglers and backpackers and hikers.
The St. Croix is calling your name this Saturday, June 13, as a truly National Park experience awaits. Explore the river's fascinating features during the second annual St. Croix Sojourn. Beach your canoe or kayak on a sandbar and learn about how fire and ice shaped the St. Croix River's rocks. Float a bit farther and hear from an expert about the river's world-class mussel population.


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