Cook County, the tip of northeastern Minnesota’s “arrowhead,” offers groomed trails in the wilderness. When it comes to cross-country skiing, two critical factors make for a memorable experience. Spectacular surroundings don’t make up for sloppy trails. Yet good grooming doesn’t compensate for dull scenery, either.
      Imagine, children playing soccer on cross-country skies, rocking back and forth on a wide teeter-totter with those skies and trying to negotiate a hill on one ski.             These are just a few of the activities young people ages seven to 13 participate in during the Loppet Adventure Winter Camp held each year at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis during winter break.            
Classic Ski Weekend at Flathorn Gegoka By Rudi Hargesheimer, Outdoor Writer/Photographer I thought I had graduated to the perfection of the North Shore’s best cross-country ski trails long time ago. Beautiful ski trails are everywhere in the Arrowhead’s big snow belt with twelve feet wide, skate lane on the left, classic track on the right. Guaranteed grooming creates a fast and firm deck for...
    Full moons can be alluring, enlightening and romantic.       Full moons can also be dangerous.
We have known this for a long time and now it is official.
         Last weeks wonderful little snow storm and a few dustings have officially started the 2010-2011 Nordic ski season.  Much of the eastern park of the state from Winona to the Gunflint Trail has enough snow to ski.
           Ever feel torn between cross-country skiing and walking your dog?             You may want to try Skijoring, the sport that combines cross-country skiing with dog sledding, providing fun for both you and your dog.
  Dr. Tom Stoa: Always Looking for Parks and Trails Opportunities By Linda Picone Tom Stoa’s interest in parks and trails first developed when he was elected to the Minnesota Legislature in 1976. “When I was elected, I sought assignment to Willard Munger’s Environment Committee,” he says. “He made me chair of the Parks and Open Spaces Subcommittee, which was responsible for parks and trails.”
Most of us can’t even remember being three years old. For families who want to invest in a youngster’s lifelong appreciation of the outdoors in the winter, however, it’s a prime time to introduce mere toddlers to cross-country skiing. Needing only snow boots and strap-on skis, the very young outdoors person can enjoy this popular winter sport with the entire family. Without even the need to use...



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