Heather Herbeck's thoughts as she plunges down the Kadunce River might go something like this: Okay, oh-kaaay, oh my gosh, dip dip fall, keep straight, straight, almost to the end, just about there, splash and…wow. "The Kadunce River on Minnesota's North Shore is one of my favorite runs," says Heather, who has been running rapids, risking neck and limb, and walking the extreme edge of outdoor...
A centennial.  One hundred years.  A benchmark unreached by many nonprofits, or for that matter any business.  Yet, in 2011 the St. Croix River Association celebrates one hundred years of attention and service to the waterway that defines this region of northwest Wisconsin and east central Minnesota.
Park and river groups along the St. Croix River have some ideas of how you and your family can get out and enjoy the river this summer.
Joseph Nicollet rode in the middle of a trading canoe taking notes.             Lost in tall reeds, his Ojibwe guides couldn’t find the channel of the Mississippi River south of Leech Lake.  Pushing over the reeds lifted the bow high into the air, eliciting “wild shrieks of joy,” the explorer noted.
Last summer, Bill Nedderman made a detour. As he planned the route for a solo kayak trip from Rocky Mountain House in Alberta to Montreal, Quebec, retracing an old voyageur trail, he didn't want to repeat a path he had already traveled along the U.S.-Canada border in the Boundary Waters.


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