Bike Trails

The Shooting Star Trail is 22 miles of 8 foot wide asphalt starting on the east at LeRoy going through Lake Louise State Park and on toward Taopi and Adams to the western trailhead in Rose Creek just a few miles outside of Austin. This region is famous for its wildflowers and songbirds.
Hardwood Creek    The 8-mile-long Hardwood Creek Trail begins where the Sunrise Prairie Trail ends, so cyclists can pedal nearly 25 miles on one cycling excursion. Beginning just across the highway from the end of the Sunrise Prairie Trail in Forest Lake, the Hardwood Creek Trail ends in Hugo.    The trail ends in Hugo; there’s a parking area on the west side of the trail that you can use as a...
  The Midtown Greenway is the busiest bikeway in Minnesota with up to 5,000 users per day.  It has bicycle rush hours in the morning and evening.  It’s plowed in the winter and lit at night and it’s open 24/7.  It’s maintained by the City’s Public Works Dept, not the Park Board. 



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