Trail Builders

  Dr. Tom Stoa: Always Looking for Parks and Trails Opportunities By Linda Picone Tom Stoa’s interest in parks and trails first developed when he was elected to the Minnesota Legislature in 1976. “When I was elected, I sought assignment to Willard Munger’s Environment Committee,” he says. “He made me chair of the Parks and Open Spaces Subcommittee, which was responsible for parks and trails.”
  By Linda Picone   Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that the Midwest was laced with rail lines, crucial as transportation for people and products from community to community and to the rest of the country. When automobiles took over the central transportation role, many of those smaller rail lines shut down and, in the mid-1960s, as the rails themselves were removed, the idea of rails to trails...
By Linda Picone It was birds that fi rst got Dudley Edmondson interested in the outdoors in a big way. As kind of an unusual urban high school senior living north of Columbus, OH, he got interested in birdwatching. As he got older, he started traveling around the United States to see birds in other environments, especially the migratory shore birds in the Chesapeake Bay area.
By Brett Feldman
By Linda Picone Once he got on a bicycle, David Minge was hooked. It’s not that he was into racing, or that he had all the fanciest bicycles and equipment. He just loved the feel of getting himself from place to place on his own two wheels. “As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed bicycling,” he says.
By Linda Picone Bill Buell says there’s a common thread in his career and his involvement in the Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota: “It’s all about government red tape.” 


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