Birding Trail

  St. Paul, Minn. — It's officially meteorological spring, and we're not far away from the vernal equinox later in the month. So, while we still have monumental piles of snow, it can't hurt to check in on the perennial signs of spring.
Diana Doyle doesn't log high-speed miles on her bicycle.  Biking with Julian Sellers would also disappointment to serious speedsters.             If you bike with these members of Audubon Society, crank your seat down to allow for many stops, bring your binoculars and don't talk too much because they will be listening to bird songs.
Minnesota River Valley Birding Trail
Discover 90 Birding Sites The Mississippi River is a national treasure despite decades of engineering, pollution and neglect. It is a working waterway, serving as the country's main artery for the shipment of grain, coal, petroleum and other commodities. But the river and its 30-million-acre floodplain also form an internationally significant flyway for migratory birds and provide destinations...
By Minnesota AudubonThe North Shore of Lake Superior offers many excellent birding locations along the rugged cliffs, wide vistas, state parks as well as along biking, hiking and kayaking trails. The Audubon Society of Minnesota has worked with local birders to establish 51 birding sites from Duluth to Grand Portage.
Minnesota's first birding trail, the Pine to Prairie Bird Trail consists of 45 sites spanning a 223 mile corridor from pine to prairie in the northwestern part of the state. Situated at the juncture of 3 major ecosystems-tall grass prairie, boreal forests and aspen parkland-this Northwestern Minnesota trail provides a unique collection of habitats which provide homes for a tremendous variety of...


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