Trail Pairings

On the Lake Wobegon Trail, church steeples and water towers tell you the next town is near. There's a pint waiting for you at the end of your ride in Saint Joseph.
A trail doesn't have to be solid to make you thirsty. This post pairs a canoe trip on the Mississippi with a pint at Saint Cloud's Beaver Island Brewing Company.
The sun was setting over the grain elevator as wide as a city block on Highway 75, The King of Trails. Occasionally, a semi truck rumbled by and disappeared into the horizon.
Imagine traveling back to a time when a trip in an automobile was an adventure involving leather gloves, a white scarf and aviator goggles.
I stumbled out of the rain into the brightly lit taproom of Brau Brothers in Marshall, wiped the rain off my glasses and squinted at the beer menu on the wall behind the old fire truck.
This is the first entry in my new series called Trail Pairings, where I visit a place, explore their roads and trails and visit the local taproom so I can recommend a beer to go with it. Someone's gotta do it.


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